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第四章:部分分式 Partial Fraction
第六章:角的形成及单位 Angles and Measurements
第十三章: 方程组 Simultaneous Equations
第十五章:二元一次不等式及线性规划 linear inequality in two variables and linear programming
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7.3 三角函数的诱导公式 Induced Formula of Trigonometric Functions [练习题]
Find the value of 计算

tan43^{\circ} tan44^{\circ} tan45^{\circ} tan46^{\circ} tan47^{\circ}

sin1^{\circ}+ sin2^{\circ} + sin3^{\circ} + … + sin90^{\circ} + cos91^{\circ} + cos92^{\circ} + cos93^{\circ}+ … + cos180^{\circ}

Answer 答案:
(a) 1

(b) 0

2. Simplify 化簡

*** QuickLaTeX cannot compile formula:
\frac{cos( 90°+A)sec⁡(-A)tan⁡( 180°-A)}{sec⁡( 360°+A)sin⁡( 180°+A)cot⁡( 90°-A)}

*** Error message:
Unicode character ⁡ (U+2061)
leading text: ...( 360°+A)sin⁡( 180°+A)cot⁡( 90°-A)}

sin(\pi+\theta) sec(\frac{\pi}{2}-\theta)-tan( \frac {3\pi}{2}+\theta)cot(\frac{ 3\pi}{2}-\theta)
Answer 答案:
(a) 0

(b) cos\theta

(c) sin x

(d) -1

(e) 0

In ∆ABC, prove that \frac{\sin{\left(B+C\right)\sin{\left(90^{\circ}+B\right)}}}{sin{\left(90^{\circ}-A\right)}}=\frac{\cos{\left(A+C\right)}}{\cot{\left(B+C\right)}}
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